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Brazilian Waxing

Ladies And Gentlemen! Make sure your Brazilian Waxing does not go wrong...

Be sure to have this waxing done by an experienced esthetician.

At Just For You, our waxing specialists have the confidence, skill, background, and experience necessary to provide you, professional,

thorough, discreet and virtually painless waxing service.

To insure your comfort you will be offered a disposable thong undergarment to be worn while receiving your service.

Does a Brazilian Waxing Hurt?

There are 4 main reasons that a Brazilian hurts when it shouldn't

1. The Wrong Type of Wax Used

Strip wax (also known as soft wax) is more painful then Hard Wax.

At Just For You we use high quality Hard Wax for our Brazilian Waxing and other tender waxing areas. This is because Hard wax is less painful,

but that is only if the proper technique is used.

2. Improper Technique

Another reason your Brazilian wax may hurt is because your esthetician is using an improper technique and/or is in-experienced. In addition to using a high quality hard wax, there needs to be certain techniques used by your esthetician to ensure a virtually painless treatment.

At Just for You our waxing specialists have from 5 to 20 years of Brazilian Waxing experience and have perfected the proper waxing techniques needed to give you a virtually painless Brazilian waxing service.

3. A Rushed Service

A rushed service will be more painful.

At Just For You, we put our clients' comfort as the number #1 priority.

We allocate 30 - 45 minutes to give you a proper and virtually painless Brazilian wax in a relaxing environment. With our discreet Brazilian you will be provided with disposable thong undergarment to insurance your comfort.

4. Lack of Confidence

Successful waxing is an art form and it takes many factors in which to have a good waxing result that's also virtually pain-free. If your technician is not confident in their skills, they will hesitate when pulling off the wax and it will hurt!

At Just For You, our waxing specialists have the confidence, skill, background, and experience necessary to provide you with a professional, thorough, and virtually painless waxing service.

BOOK Your Brazilian with our waxing specialists.