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Spa & Salon Articles


 Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation.

The optimum time between waxing appointments is three to six weeks. This allows the hair to grow to the correct length, but does not allow the hair to become too embedded in the follicle, reducing pain and 

maximizing the result.....

Brazilian Waxing... 

Ladies! Make sure your Brazilian Waxing does not go wrong... be sure to have this waxing done by an experienced esthetician.

With the changing seasons. . .

comes changes to your Skin

Myths & Facts -Winterizing your Skin

What is Face Mapping? 

Zone By Zone

Lash Lifts

A you looking for longer-looking with no maintenance.

Lash lifting is a great way to curl your lashes from the root to the tip and the best thing is you get a lash tint the same time.

Teen Skin Issues

The coating on those Fabric softener sheets are made of animal fat (namely beef lard), not to mention artificial fragrance. This means your pillowcase (while extremely soft!) now has an added coating of this fatty mixture on it. Press your cheek to it every night and your skin will pick up this coating and could become irritated . read more...

Informative Videos

These videos are here to show you different services and techniques

Benefits of Regular Pedicures

Everyone knows that it feels nice to get a pedicure. Getting some extra time spent on pampering the toes and legs is always welcomed. Even the polished toenails look wonderful and make you feel so pleased with yourself. There are also physical benefits to getting a pedicure

 on a regular schedule.....

The Benefits of Pedicures for Men

Men work on their feet all day. Boots, dress shoes, running shoes – whatever type of footwear you use on a regular basis, they can all be stressful on arches, toes and heels. The foot massage that is included in the basic professional pedicure is designed to stimulate blood flow while providing relief from foot pain and pressure. Proper toenail trimming and care of cuticles help to prevent ingrown toenails and other foot problems. Monthly pedicures are recommended to keep feet in healthy shape all year round....

Five Reason to Have a Massage...

We all know how good massage can feel and that it can help with chronic pain, but how does massage REALLY affect us? And in how many ways?


Article from The Morning Star.. 'Last minute cancellations and no shows are affecting the livelihood of spa and salon workers.’