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Please read through the list of contraindication and make sure non apply prior to booking.

 If you have any further question please contact us.

HydraFacial Contraindications

~Cold sores: Guests must not have any active cold sores.

~Use of Accutane in the 6 Months: Guests can not be using Accutane for 6 months before treatment.

~Pregnancy or nursing: Guests must make sure you are not currently pregnant or nursing

~Melanoma if active or lesions: Guests must wait to have treatment.

~Ablative Laser: Clients can not have laser 4 week before or 4 weeks after treatment.

~ Facial waxing: Clients con not have any face waxing  2 weeks prior to treatment.

~Lupus: Unfortunately we can not offer this service to anyone who has Lupus.

~Botox: Clients must wait 7 days before their treatment. Botox may move during treatment.

~Fillers: Clients must wait 3 week before their  treatment. Filler may move during treatment.

~Peels: Clients must wait 1 month before  wait 30 days

~Avoid exfoliation, acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid two days prior to having a HydraFacial. 

~Stop use of Retinol or any retinoids 72 hours prior to a HydraFacial.

~Cancer no Lymphatic unless it has been more than 5 years. If a guest has had skin cancer that did not require chemo or radiation then Lymphatic drainage should be fine. If the guest has cancer and is on a medication that can thin their skin then no. We can perform the 30 min on a cancer patient as long as they are not on medications that can thin the skin.

*Please contact us if yo have any further questions.